Get to know your brand

In the digital/social space we’re currently in, it’s imperative that you are not only clear about your message and brand goals, but that you actually live them. Customers crave authenticity and will rally behind you when you clearly display it. They’ll also be quick to refute you when you don’t. For our clients who have not formally established their brand identity, we can help you define or clarify your brand strategy and positioning, as well as voice, logos, color palettes, imagery, taglines and style guide. Already have a solid brand in place? We’ll set a clear path for your digital marketing strategy that reflects your current brand voice and values.

Build your online presence

We’ll bring your ideas to life in an engaging website designed to generate leads and drive user interaction. Our websites are fully-responsive, meaning they look great on any device! Our comprehensive website design services include both the  “look-and-feel” of the website as well as the highly technical aspects, including eCommerce solutions and form processing.  We will refine the overall design, and improve the backend Content Management System (CMS) to improve the development framework and SEO capabilities.  Our overriding goal is to streamline content and provide a uniquely engaging user experience. Reports and analysis are conducted throughout the campaign to evaluate traffic statistics, origin and keyword resonance on search engines. We’ll review and update your site and digital ad campaigns to keep you relevant!

Keep the conversation going

Your customers crave authentic brand experiences. We’ll help you develop a content plan that includes fresh website content (which Google LOVES, by the way) that will help you stay relevant for users. We can help you manage your engagement on social media sites, including conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp – and anywhere else you want to be. We’ll keep the engine running with compelling content, blog shares and communication with your followers in your brand voice. We’ll work with you on great behind-the-scenes posts that will help tell your brand story, in a way that doesn’t require a ton of time or effort on your part.