Website Design

Website Design

Washington, DC Web Design

Threshold Technologies takes a creative and collaborative approach to each website the team designs and develops.

To ensure a strategy for success on the World Wide Web, a professional designer and project manager are assigned to each website that is developed. To minimize long-term maintenance of the website and decrease costs, Threshold Technologies deploys Content Management Systems (CMS) for clients. CMS websites give clients the option of maintaining site content in-house or they may contract with Threshold Technologies to implement site updates for a reasonable monthly fee.

Studies have indicated websites that are easier to navigate with a smaller number of menu and submenu items, produce increased leads and sales. Comparatively, websites that are overburdened with information or too many choices for the visitor to navigate easily tend to have a higher abandonment rate.

Threshold Technologies implements easy-to-use website designs which are clear and concise, with an original full color design that has an immediate impact on the visitor. Website design and architecture are based on design principles which encourage the user to dig deeper into the website. Contact information is always readily accessible, and menu items are placed where a visitor will expect to find them.