Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a term that is used frequently and defined differently, according to perspective. Threshold Technologies is on the leading edge in the field.

Threshold Technologies employs an organic SEO professional who has developed, tested, and deployed Organic SEO methods of marketing websites over the past six years in a variety of industries.

Properly executed Organic SEO techniques ensure that a website is visible under ‘natural rankings’ for Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing, MSN and other search engines. Targeted keywords and keyphrases are aligned with a company or organizations brand and marketing objectives.

SEO involves a step-by step process that is designed to ensure high rankings:

  1. Keyword analysis is conducted on major and niche markets.
  2. A strategic SEO campaign is developed to deploy keywords on the website in collaboration with the client.
  3. The programming and design team embeds selected keyphrases on the back-end of the websites which is only visible to search engines.
  4. A content development specialist trained in keyword writing develops textual materials such as web site pages, blogs, press releases and articles. The SEO writer inserts chosen keyphrases into these written formats for maximum search engine visibility. All content is developed to reflect the brand and marketing objectives of the company or organization.
  5. A link building campaign is embarked upon to create maximum visibility for visitors and search engines. When appropriate, articles, press releases and blogs are distributed widely across the World Wide Web. The manual syndication of these materials builds a wider audience for the website that increases short-term and long-term traffic to the website.
  6. Threshold Technologies brings the highest level of professionalism and expertise to SEO conducted on client websites and uses only white hat techniques to achieve goals. The company philosophy for SEO is to maintain transparency and prove effectiveness when conducting SEO campaigns. Google Analytics reviews reveal true SEO performance in generating website traffic and visibility. Threshold Technologies offers complementary Google Analytics readings and reports to contractual clients on a quarterly basis. Website analytics readings and analysis verify comprehensive keyword studies and deployment are accurate and achieving objectives. A careful look at Google Analytics will also provide valuable information for improving SEO campaigns. Client input and ideas are also sought during quarterly reviews so SEO campaigns stay on track and continue to be aligned with company or organizational goals. A seamless collaboration between clients and the technical team are critical for the success of an SEO campaign. Threshold Technologies team of SEO professionals are available to answer questions, dialogue, and review client goals when needed.