The MHG Group in Falls Church, VA

Networking Solutions, Data Management and a New Website Design

The MHG Group

The MHG Group is the parent company of CIRCA. Their concept began as a specialty coffee business, then quickly evolved into a neighborhood bistro. The first CIRCA location opened in the North Dupont Circle section of Washington DC in 2007. This was followed by a second CIRCA in Clarendon, Virginia in 2011. The newest CIRCA is located in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington D.C.

As a growing company, the MHG Group was in need of more than one IT person to assist in setting up an expanded computer network and infrastructure to support this. "Threshold Technologies helped us to wire our new office space in Falls Church, VA. They ordered all of our equipment. This included laptops and other devices. Then they set up our computer network, complete with firewalls and an offsite data back-up to ensure company information is secure," recalled Nichole Barta, Vice President with MHG.

Along with a successful network installation, customer support is essential for a smooth transition. Barta says, "When we have issues with our computer equipment or network, we call Threshold Technologies and someone from the team responds."

As CIRCA became more and more popular and MHG Group opened up new locations, the company's website needed to evolve, too. "We did have a website," remembers Barta, "but we needed it to be more dynamic and interactive with more pictures. The Threshold Technologies team redesigned the website to include more contrast and color and pictures of CIRCA. The team also installed an onsite blog, onsite employee applications, and Google Analytics."

The website was redesigned in 2009, and since then, "The website is now more interactive and functions better. We receive a great deal of feedback from it,' notes Barta. Another plus is management is able to track visitors and usage of the website. "We can use the data from Google Analytics to understand our online audience and improve our social media presence," commented Barta.

Barta says MHG Group's relationship with Threshold Technologies is excellent. "Threshold is pretty much night and day from having a one stop IT person. As we grew and added locations, we recognized that we needed a higher level of support. Since we switched, we are receiving all of the support we need."