The Motiv8Me Website


Motiv8Me founders Lisa Allen and Trish Drennan began their business in April 2009 as a micro-experiment in their residential Loudoun County neighborhood. The pair launched the business after searching, unsuccessfully, for a program that would combine the benefits of personalized training with group fitness.

Both experienced marketers, Allen and Drennan knew they needed to launch a web site immediately to gain the credibility to attract their first set of clientele. “We knew Threshold had a great reputation for building fresh, modern sites and for working well with small companies in a very hands-on way,” says Allen. “We had no corporate identity, other than a simple logo we had designed, so their team had to start from scratch with the design of our site. They immediately made us look much larger and more professional then we really were at the time.”

In addition to designing an easy-to-navigate system that attractively conveys key information about the company, Threshold Technologies built a registration component to the site that is vital to making the registration process easy for clients to use. The back-end registration module also allows Motiv8Me to efficiently track registrations for multiple classes at multiple price points.

The web site plays a huge role in marketing the business to potential Motiv8Me members. Client testimonials – which are important in a personal business like fitness and nutrition training – are prominently featured on the site, while resources like the company’s bi-weekly newsletter and nutrition tips boost the company’s reputation as a leader in the local fitness community.

The back-end editing component allows Motiv8Me to easily make additions and changes to the site without hassle. “Keeping our members up to date with the various programs, classes and information we provide is key to our ongoing operations and our ability to distinguish ourselves among other fitness programs. Threshold has been very supportive in helping us get our information up in a timely manner and is always diligent about maintaining a consistent, cutting edge professional look and feel. That commitment to quality is critical to us, as our brand’s look and feel reflect the quality of service we strive to provide,” Drennan commented.

As its business grows, Motiv8Me has turned to Threshold Technologies as a vital business partner. “Our ultimate goal is to expand our business to many locations and to eventually franchise the concept,” says Allen. “Threshold has believed in our viability and success from Day One and has helped us put in place a platform that will easily expand and evolve as we grow as a company.”

Phase 2 of the Motiv8Me web site will launch next month to include a sleeker design, video clips, new photos of Motiv8Me members and a log-in component to allow members to track individual and group fitness/nutrition challenges.