The Microrate Website

MicroRate Inc. Website

Rebecca Spradlin, Director of Communications for MicroRate Inc., wanted to implement a totally new, easier to navigate website for "Threshold Technologies was recommended to us. We compared three different website development companies in the Washington D.C. area and one outside Washington D.C. before accepting their proposal," remarked Ms. Spradlin. Although cost was a factor in proposal review, MicroRate stakeholders were also interested in the level of service they would receive and the quality of creative talent involved in designing the website.

Spradlin says, "The Threshold Technologies team is proactive, diligent and they have a great eye for web design." The new website design is simpler than the previous one, and much easier to navigate.

According to Spradlin, the website design and development process went smoothly. She felt the team at Threshold Technologies was talented and flexible. "The team's skill set is excellent. If one member of the team could not figure something out, another one would and they would solve it quickly. They are positive and encouraging. They were not trying to cut corners and obviously, wanted to produce a great website," remarked Spradlin.

The new design of the website incorporates an e-commerce aspect. Rating reports and other informational documents for investors, MFIs and MIVs are sold. In addition to providing design and programming, Threshold Technologies also produced a keyword analysis report for better visibility and ranking on search engines. Spradlin utilized this report to incorporate keywords into the revised content.

The website was launched on May 3, 2012.