Customer Quotes

"Providing our agents with reliable, 24-hour access to our online resources is so critical in today’s competitive real estate market. Threshold Technologies has enabled us to do just that, serving as a valued business partner to Northern Virginia Homes for the past 10 years. Instead of serving as just another outside vendor to our company, Threshold has become an extension of our internal staff, providing strategic IT direction and full IT services. Not only have we realized our IT goals with a more efficient and effective technology infrastructure under Threshold’s guidance, but we’ve been able to do so while considerably reducing our IT expenditures. That’s what I call real business value."
Richard Rager

"What sets Threshold apart from our other outside consultants? That easy – it’s their unwavering commitment to reliability and responsiveness. We rely on Threshold to provide a full range of IT services for our company, from web development and hosting, to systems management, to managing the IT needs of our 30-plus employees, many of whom telecommute. Throughout our seven-year partnership with Threshold, they’ve delivered an unparalleled level of support. At any time of the day or night, one of our employees can call upon the Threshold team for IT support and get immediate results. You just don’t find that brand of dedication anymore."
Kimberly McCabe, CEO, APCG

"Technology can be intimidating to many organizations, but Threshold takes the mystery out of the process, boiling down complex IT issues into easy to understand layman’s terms. While a lot of technology providers tend to push a preferred solution, Threshold considers the requirements of our users and recommends several potential solutions. They are always dedicated and responsive, and are a real advocate for our best interests, not their own. And as a small organization with a limited budget, we’ve especially found value in Threshold’s ability to creatively maximize our IT spend."
Mark Allen, CEO, IFDA

"Threshold Technologies has been our technology service company since 2005. We knew they would go above and beyond to meet our technology needs just from the way they responded to our RFP. They were the clear winner of our business as the only company that took the time to get a clear understanding of our needs, and then respond with 100% accuracy. Their service has been delivered with that same level of responsiveness and accuracy. Our experience with other technology companies has been that once the contract is signed, the delivery of services falls way short of what was promised. Threshold Technologies has treated our IT problems as if they were theirs and the service has been consistently excellent. We are very satisfied with Threshold Technologies’ services, knowledge, response time and accuracy and highly recommend them with no reservations."
Idalia P. Fernandez, Vice President & CEO, Hispanic College Fund, Inc.

"Threshold Technologies was great to work with helping me build a new website. They were very responsive to my inquiries, gave me straightforward advice to help guide me along, explained things I didn’t understand and delivered a consumer-friendly, easy-to-navigate site with virtually no hassles encountered in the process. I’ve already recommended them to other companies.”
Stephanie Schus
President, Schus & Company
A Consultancy Specializing in New Product/New Business Development

"Threshold Technologies has been a godsend in helping with the technology aspect of my business. Last year when my computer crashed, realizing I did not back up my computer for months I had that sinking feeling of loosing months of work. They came to the rescue where they were able to come in and salvage my entire business with ease and grace, restoring my computer back to operation with all my valuable data. Since then, they have been there every step, always ready willing and able to help or to “fix” something if it isn’t working properly! I sleep better at nights knowing they are there to assist if something goes ary. I look forward to working with you on the design, development and hosting of my new website! You have been patient and that is totally appreciated as well. It’s great working with you. You have great communication skills, easy to talk with, smart, reliable, patient, understanding, all around great resource! Thank you for all your help and support."
Small business owner in Reston, VA

"On a personal basis, our family has used the services of Threshold Technologies, Inc. for over 8 years and highly recommends them. No request is too big or too small for them to handle it competently and expeditiously. They maintain, update, and enhance both hardware and software, as needed. They also purchase and install hardware and software and are most helpful to those of us who are not really expert in this area. They provide computer software and internet training and they recommend and implement use of other equipment, such as digital cameras and photo, fax, and scanning devices, too. They are just as attentive to their smaller clients as they are to their larger clients and are highly reliable and professional. I recommended Threshold Technologies to an educational institution of which I was a trustee, and they were engaged through competitive bidding. Their services helped this institution resolve a number of technical issues and bring it up to the state of the art in its computer facilities. I believe that anyone employing Threshold Technologies, Inc. will be as well satisfied with their services as we have been."
Home User
Northern Virginia

"Dealing with Threshold Technologies is dealing with a human dynamos. Unlike many dynamos, however, they listen very carefully to your ideas and concepts. There is a tremendous give and take in discussions. I don’t think I was an easy client. As a marketing consultant, I had some very clear ideas on what I wanted Company’s Coming’s site to look like. After discussion and some back and forth review of the plan, they disappeared to produce the site. It really seemed to happen very quickly. And they understood that the initial concepts were created to be refined. Their patience and understanding during the refinement and adjustment phase were truly a pleasant surprise. The resulting site is all that we hoped for."
Jinny Fleischman
Company’s Coming

"Threshold Technologies has been a tremendous asset for my firm. The ability to call them for technical assistance at any time has kept a “tech” employee off of the payroll. The service has been great, and their patience with silly questions seems limitless. They also did a tremendous job when we were ready to do our equipment upgrade, and were able to provide turnkey service. They identified the best products to fit our needs, ordered the hardware, and made a problem-free installation. We were back on our system within hours! I would highly recommend Threshold Technologies."
Victoria Neale, President
Victoria Neale Interiors, LLC