Systems Management

Systems Management

IT Support - Washington, DC

Twenty-first companies and organizations require reliable desktops, laptops, servers, and peripherals.

As hand held devices become more common in the workplace, these also need to be integrated properly into one cohesive system. Threshold Technologies provides consistent and reliable response and management of systems through on-site and remote support.

Services Include:

  • hardware and software upgrades
  • internet security
  • virus, spyware, and firewall protection
  • hardware and software repair and troubleshooting
  • general PC clean-up
  • other related IT services upon request

Clients of Threshold Technologies may also choose from two levels of Managed Services to fulfill company or organizational needs and objectives:

  1. Systems management, patching, monitoring: "Management Lite"
  2. Systems management, patching, monitoring and user Support: "Management Full"

Systems management, patching, monitoring: "Management Lite"

Management Lite Includes installation of a monitoring program on each PC, laptop, or server. This program allows remote monitoring of the computer system's 'health' and data. Threshold Technologies IT professionals will ensure the system and software programs operate at their optimum speed and function properly. If the system is not operating correctly, the IT staff will be alerted and patches and anti-virus solutions will be applied to bring the computer system up to speed once again.

Email or call 571-333-7999 for more information.

Systems management, patching, monitoring Plus Support: "Management Full"

Management Full Includes: installation of a program designed to remotely montior each PC, laptop, and server for optimum performance and protection of software and data. IT professionals will apply patches to the operating system MS application suites, and antivirus programs when necessary. The Threshold Technologies IT Support team will remotely assist the computer user in desktop operating and standard application suite issues (Antivirus, Internet Explorer, MS Office) for a standard monthly fee. Threshold Technologies team receives requests directly from client staff via a helpdesk portal. The IT team strives for 4 hour response times and same day resolution for issues that can be resolved with remote assistance. There are no limitations placed upon support hours per issue or employee.

Email or call 571-333-7999 for more information.


Threshold Technologies IT professionals have created these managed services offerings for maximum flexibility for our clients. With these optional plans, clients can more easily balance risks with assigned budgets and resources that are readily available. Threshold Technologies would still like to accommodate clients who need even more flexibility. Let a Threshold Technologies professional know if you would like to craft a more specific plan not covered in these managed services offerings.