Data Management and Recovery

Data Management and Recovery

In the information age, data=assets. If data is unexpectedly lost, employee productivity and profits may decline.

Hardware failures, viruses, lost or damaged laptops, human error and accidental deletion of intellectual property, financial information, and other records can create slowdowns, confusion, and stress. Sometimes data can be recovered, but this is not always guaranteed. It can take days or weeks to reassemble information and often data is permanently lost --- or it is expensive to recover.

Threshold Technologies has been a leader in data management and recovery for over a decade. Over time, company experts have seen countless examples of the unreliability of external hard drives, jump drives, CDs, discs and other physical media as back-up methods.

Automated online backup is preferable to other data back-up techniques. Client data is copied regularly in more than one data center to ensure valuable information is not lost in the event of accidents, equipment failure, erasure, or disaster.

Automatic online back-up saves time and money. Company leaders define the back-up schedule. Once online back-up is implemented, it eliminates the need for oversight of employees or the physical transport of data to another location. This back-up system works with any broadband internet connection, including DSL and cable. Date security is ensured during the transmission with the use of advanced encryption technologies.

Threshold Technologies provide hosting, support, and installation of automated online data back-up services. Put your data in our hands and company experts will insure it against loss, damage, theft, or mishap.